Marisha Ray - your no. 1 choice for London
Marisha Ray for the London Assembly
Your first choice for the London Assembly: Re-select Marisha Ray your Lib Dem candidate

Dear London Liberal Democrat Member,

I ask you to re-select me as a candidate for the whole of London for the London Assembly.

I request your first preference vote to return me to the team.

To get a good result the team which you select for the Assembly must appeal to a wide range of people with a variety of experienced candidates.

Track Record as an elected representative

I am skilled in leading enquiries having chaired a scrutiny committee on health and regeneration in a part of London with substantial deprivation. I am skilled in the main activities of the London Assembly, which conducts enquiries and holds the Mayor to account.

I have a record of success in London. As a leading councillor I led an initiative which stamped out teenage knife crime deaths in an area stretching from the inner city to the suburbs. Many in the popular press believe that such a thing is impossible to achieve, yet I have shown how.

As a council executive member in Islington with able colleagues, I also achieved the following

  • outstanding performance from a council with a poor track record (lead councillor)
  • leadership on the financial activities of the council
  • financial planning leadership group member
  • vice-chair of the committee which was responsible for the pension fund.
  • board member for economic development of the area surrounding the city of London to make the most of London's thriving business communities, financial opportunities and to bring them to all of London's communities
Campaigner with Unsurpassed Experience as a Candidate

I have represented Liberal Democrats as their candidate

  • in May 2015 in Chipping Barnet at the northern edge of London
  • in Nov 2012 in a parliamentary by-election in Croydon North
  • in May 2012 as a London Assembly candidate for the whole of London

I am the only candidate for this London selection who has fought two parliamentary elections between 2010 and 2015 and to have had the intense media attention which a parliamentary by-election brings.

A Fairer London

44% of London is currently white British. I campaign actively for racial equality in London, currently co-ordinating a group focusing on the health of black and minority ethnic individuals and communities. It is simply not right that our health and public services deliver different outcomes on average to people of different ethnic groups in London. I have been a member of a London hospital board appointed to work on equalities and have the experience to be effective on race equality across London.

As liberals and as members of the Liberal Democrats we must not tolerate inequalities which severely limit the lives and lifespans of many Londoners, particularly inequalities strongly correlated with race, ethnicity or external appearance. These inequalities in health, in housing, in access to jobs, to democracy, to influence over strategic decision making and even wellbeing which correlate strongly with race are manifold in London. I ask you to join my fight against the exclusion of many groups from influence over their own lives by joining my campaign for race equality across London and to show your support by giving me your first preference vote.

I am sure that you too aspire to achieve racial equality in London, that you too find the strong correlations between race and poverty, between race and exclusion from influence as obnoxious as I do. I invite you to join my team to fight London's growing problems which for generations Labour and the Conservatives fail to address.

Making the Fight Back Happen

I lead the fight back from the grass roots by campaigning all over London from the far edges of the capital to the inner city and as a ward organiser in Hornsey and Wood Green where I grew up. I recruit new members to our party across London and work with them to build our doorstep campaigning teams.

Our Lib Dem Fight back is London's fight back. Please give me your first preference vote to make that so.

Best regards,
Marisha Ray

0208 123 5277 (leave a message, I will call you back)

To Find Out More
On this website I want to tell you how and why I want to put Londoners first and to call the Mayor of London to account. If you want to know about my life and the range of activities I've been involved with, about my political experience and about how I've worked with and in the party and about how I will campaign with you for every election, then this website is for you. Welcome!
Let's work together for a better London. Please give me your first-preference vote today. Thank you.
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