Marisha Ray - your no. 1 choice for London
Putting Londoners First
I will campaign with you to put Londoners first.
Here are some of the issues that matter to all of us:
I've worked as a cabinet member for community safety leading councillors to tackle crime and fear of crime in a busy inner London borough. I know how important it is to put police and other specialist workers on the streets working with our local communities. Read more.
4,000 premature deaths are believed to be caused each year in London because of air pollution. It affects every single person who breathes the air in London, every child suffering from asthma and every older person living here or visiting. Read more.
Throughout my time as a Lib Dem councillor and activist I have campaigned on transport issues. Good transport links are key not only to London's economy, but also to many of our daily lives. Read more.
No one in London can fail to be aware of the shortage of housing in our city. As a local councillor I have seen the real effects of the housing shortage on families. Read more.
As a councillor, I campaigned for - and we delivered - a climate change fund to provide the capital needed to local organisations wishing to reduce their CO2 output. Read more.
Many if not most Londoners have a strong identity as Londoners, and some retain a sense of their roots, their cultural identity and the other worlds or communities to which they belong as well. I will work to maintain a tolerant, liberal atmosphere in our city. Read more.
Creating the right environment for businesses to grow is important for the long-term prosperity of our city. As a part of the City Fringe Partnership Board I have had experience of how we can stimulate our local economy. Read more.
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